Our Official People           

                     President             Mark Mokoski  K1PU

                     Vice Pres             A. Michael Schindler K1AMS

                     Secretary             Steve Ewald, WV1X    

                                                   Treasurer             Gary Awsiukiewicz   K1MQ


Board of Directors:     



                               Mark Mokoski                 K1PU          President

                           A. Michael Schindler      K1AMS       Vice President

                           Steve Ewald                    WV1X         Secretary

                           Gary Awsiukiewicz         K1MQ        Treasurer

                           Paul Taylor                      K1AFI         Net Manager

                           Frederick Heffner           W1CKV       Last Past President

                               Charles Griffen               W1GYR       Director at Large

                               Luke Lauretano              KA1SE        Director at Large

                            Jeffrey Galin                   W1JG         Director at Large





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           of the Quarter Century Wireless Association

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