Our Sunday Net has changed its starting time to 9:30 AM Local Time on 3.923 MHz.

This is due to the band conditions on 75 Meters this year.  We will continue at 9:30 AM until conditions improve.




I am trying to update this website, but the website builder is no longer supported and I may have to switch to a different platform.

This will be an extended endeavour on my part.  Please bear with me if I have to change.


I will send out an email in the near future asking for remarks about keeping this website operational.

 Remember....We have our radio net that meets every Sunday morning on 3923 at  9:30 Local Time. 

            Your Net Manager is Paul, K1AFI.


The    CLUB CALL  W1EFW    is used for all chapter related radio events.


                  Webmaster is Gary K1MQ.     

                 Email:  k1mq@qcwa149.org


          3923.000        Sundays   at    9:30 AM   Local Time

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 QCWA Chapter 149

Milton Chaffee Memorial Nutmeg Chapter 149

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                   Chapter News  

                          September 12, 2022

We have been looking for a restaurant where we can have an inperson meeting. So far No Luck!  

If anyone can locate a place that you know is open, check them out and let us know what you determine.

Once again we are still in the middle of another COVID-19 outbreak.  Things have open up slightly, but most of us are in the age group that has to be aware of the ongoing health situation.

We at Chapter 149 are possibly looking towards maybe 2023 for our next gathering. Hopefully conditions will improve to the point that we are confortable with things.

DUES HAVE BEEN WAIVED and EXTENDED for AN ADDITIONAL YEAR!!   This is the 3rd time dues have been extended.  Everyone is current and some are extended even further when extended payments were submitted earlier.


Online dues renewal is available via PayPal using the online dues pull down menu!  (see News Gallery for details)


Latest New Life Member :

Wayne K. Baggott KA1OX

       Old Saybrook, CT.


Latest New Member:

John (Jack) Chapman, WA1K from Cromwell.






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