Remember....We have our radio net that meets every Sunday morning on 3923 at  10:30 Local Time. 


   Your Net Manager is Paul, K1AFI.


The CLUB CALL  W1EFW  is used for all chapter related radio events.



Webmaster is Gary K1MQ.     

Email:  gary@qcwa149.org





     10:30 AM  

    Local Time

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Milton Chaffee Memorial Nutmeg Chapter 149

           of the Quarter Century Wireless Association



Our Summer Luncheon on Saturday August 8, 2020 IS Cancelled!

Looks like maybe November is a better choice?  We cannot take any chances!!


Any chance of a normal summer is unknown!  We will aim for a possible Fall Luncheon as shown below if that can be arrainged.


                                 Yantic River Inn   ??

                             270 West Town Street, Norwich, CT.

                                 Social hour begins at 11:30 AM.


   August Meeting and Luncheon Cancelled  - COVID-19!!


              Hopefully members will follow all precautions mentioned and try to stay safe.  This seems to be an unknown circumstance that is now in Connecticut.  

 We have to stay alert to all of our surroundings. Stay at home as much as possible.  We all have a radio to stay in touch with each other.  Many of us are on HF and digital.  We are on daily at 9 AM local on 3.941 MHz.  This is the Underwater Sound Lab Net. We also are on digital on DMR TAC 316 evenings, so come join us.


                              Keep busy and Stay Safe!!



Below are pictures taken by Jim Mullen, WA1VNO of our February 2020 Luncheon.  It was nice to see many of our members that I have not seen in a while, especially Tony W1CGI......Gary K1MQ.






             Chapter News  

                     July 5, 2020

Once again we are still in the middle of the COVIS-19 outbreak.  Things have open up slightly, but most of us are in the age group that has to be aware of the ongoing health situation.

We at Chapter 149 are possibly looking towards November for our next gathering, if conditions improve, to the point that we are confortable with things.

DUES HAVE BEEN WAIVED FOR THE CURRENT YEAR!! Dues submitted for this year will be added to extend your paid dues.


Online dues renewal is available via PayPal using the online dues pull down menu!  (see News Gallery for details)


Latest New Life Member :

   Wayne K. Baggott KA1OX

         Old Saybrook, CT.


Latest New or Returning Members:

        Ted Ferriera   WA1NXC

        Harrison Fortier, Jr.  W1HAF

        Richard Moreau   W1EOY

        Donald Izzo          W1FYG


Check out our News Gallery for Latest News and Current  Events .










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